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This charity is set up in memory of Mother Priscilda Agnita Noel (Mother Noel) also known as Mother of Israel. To her church brothers and sisters and wider communities in the UK and Grenada who knew her personally, she was known and addressed as Mother. Some who were closer to her called her Mum.


Mother Noel was born in Carriacou, Grenada West Indies in 1934 and moved to England (UK) in her early 20s. She later gave her heart to Jesus and was baptised into the Spiritual Baptist faith. This became her practise for 55 plus years, first in the UK and continuing on her return to Carriacou in 1995 until her passing in September 2019.  Following her return to Carriacou before she became ill, Mother Noel would make time to visit the sick and elderly.

​Mother Noel began studying dressmaking in Carriacou before travelling to the UK where she continued and became a professional seamstress, working for the same company for many years. Mother Noel was business minded, she became self-employed working from home, creating beautiful dresses to order for adults and children alike for a range of special occasions. As well as being a seamstress, partnering with one of her close church sisters and friend, Mother Noel was successful in small business ventures. 

Throughout her life, at work or social gatherings, Mother Noel would seize every opportunity to introduce God in conversation with people of all ages and backgrounds. Mother Noel had a generous nature with a strong belief in charitable giving, always encouraging her two sons and members of her family to be charitable to others.


In 1970 Mother Noel co-founded Mount Zion Spiritual Baptist Church and services were held in All Saints Church in Ladbroke Grove West London. In the late 1970s she organised a sewing club and taught dressmaking to young people from within her local community.  In 1982, Mother Noel founded The Mount Calvary Spiritual Baptist Church. Mother Noel continued to contribute and support her local community and in the late 1980s with a fellow church sister, established the Mount Calvary Senior Citizens Club in Brent North West London which provided support to not only senior citizens but to the homeless also. Those who attended the club were provided with hot meals within a safe environment with the opportunity to take part in arts and crafts activities and most importantly company. She worked tirelessly including liaising with the local council.

On her return to Carriacou Grenada in 1995, Mother Noel established the previously UK registered Mount Calvary Spiritual Baptist Church in Bellevue South her village of birth. She lead both the securing of the donation of land and successful fundraising which resulted in the construction of the church building. The dedication of the building in early 2000 allowed for weekly worshipping and a section of the building is also available for community led activities. ​


Mother Noel dedicated her life to studying the bible, developing her spiritual practise, evangelising and being charitable to others. Her acts of service and establishing community-based projects would not have been possible without the bringing together of other church brothers and sisters, family and friends.  Service, both spiritual and community, was Mother Noel’s life.  The aim of this charity is to continue the charitable spirit of Mother Noel.

About Mother Noel
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